Liaison Update #7

UPDATE: 12/26/22

OES Report # 22-7342; NRC Report #1355028


Date of Report: December 15, 2022
Incident Name: Speranza Marie Grounding
Location: Chinese Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, Santa Barbara County
Product details: Diesel and hydraulic fluid

A Unified Command continues to manage a response to a discharge of diesel and hydraulic fluid from a fishing vessel that ran aground near Chinese Harbor on Santa Cruz Island, off the coast of Santa Barbara County. The vessel, owned by Ocean Angel VI, LLC, has a capacity of 4,000 gallons, and was estimated to be carrying approximately 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, as well as an unknown amount of hydraulic fluid. Representatives within the Unified Command Office of Spill Prevention and Response (CDFW-OSPR), Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Channel Islands National Park, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, and Ocean Angel VI, LLC.

As predicted, unfavorable weather over the weekend ceased salvage operations. Due to significant swell, crews have been unable to safely assess the vessel to develop further plans for salvage. The vessel remains anchored in deeper water, but current conditions have reduced stability of the vessel. Plans are being developed to move the vessel into a more stable area within the coming days. Once more securely positioned, crews will assess the status and enact plans to address the vessel while minimizing impact to the environment. There is no active sheening coming from the vessel, but representatives of the Unified Commmand are monitoring the vessel and surrounding area for any pollution and are prepared to respond. 

The USCG has issued a safety zone of 4,000 yards around the vessel. A notice to mariners is in place and no vessel or person will be permitted to operate or recreate within the safety zone without obtaining permission from the Captain of the Port. The safety zone is necessary to protect personnel, vessels, and the marine environment during ongoing salvage operations for the F/V Speranza Marie.

Media inquiries can be directed to the US Coast Guard at [email protected].

More information will be shared when it becomes available.