Boeing-Vertol 107 "Vertol"

Type 1 Heavy Lift Helicopter


Cruise Speed: 140 mph
Gallon Capacity: 1,100/bucket
Manufacturer: Boeing Company/Vertol Aircraft Company
Crew: Pilot and Co-pilot

Boeing-Vertol BV107

The Boeing-Vertol (BV)107, often referred to as the “Vertol” is the civilian version of the U.S. Marine Corps’ CH-46 “Sea Knight”. The aircraft was originally designed by the Vertol Aircraft Company in the late 50s. The company was purchased by Boeing in 1960. The BV 107 was designed to be a medium-lift helicopter, and is primarily used to transport cargo. Both the BV 107 and the BV 234 are used for timber harvesting in the commercial sector. The BV 107 has a little less than half the lifting capability as compared to the BV 234. The BV 107 (CH-46) and the BV-234 are most recognizable by their tandem rotors.