CH-47 "Chinook"

Military Helicopter


Cruise Speed: 137 mph Gallon
Capacity: 2,000/bucket
Manufacturer: Boeing Company/ Vertol Aircraft Company
Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot and a Military Helicopter Manager

CH -47 “Chinook”

The Boeing CH-47 “Chinook” has tandem rotors, and twin turbine engines. The Chinook is powered by two turboshaft engines, mounted on either side of the helicopter’s rear end and connected to the rotors by driveshafts.The counter-rotating rotors eliminate the need for an anti-torque vertical rotor, allowing all power to be used for lift and thrust. If one engine fails, the other can drive both rotors. It was originally designed for the U.S. Army in the late 50’s as a heavy lift helicopter and was used extensively in Vietnam. The civilian version of the CH-47 is the Boeing 234.

The Chinook is a multi-mission, heavy-lift transport helicopter. Its primary mission is to move troops, artillery, ammunition, fuel, water, barrier materials, supplies and equipment on the battlefield. Its secondary missions include medical evacuation, disaster relief, search and rescue, aircraft recovery, fire fighting, parachute drops, heavy construction and civil development.

The CH-47s provide the ability to carry heavy loads and operate with a large water bucket for wildland fire suppression. The lifting capability is between 15,000-26,000 pounds, depending upon temperature and elevation. The helicopter has excellent lifting capability for external and internal loads.