County Station 17

UCSB, Mesa Rd., Bldg 547
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Santa Barbara County Fire Department Station 17 is located in the Northwest corner of the University of California at Santa Barbara, at the intersection of Mesa and Stadium Roads in (Public Safety) Building 547.
The station serves the UCSB campus and areas of Isla Vista and the City of Goleta. Station 17’s service area is bounded to the North by Hollister Avenue, to the South by the Pacific Ocean, to the East by Goleta Beach Park, and to the West by Camino Del Sur.


The station is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) station staffed by five personnel. On Engine 17, there is one Captain, one Engineer and one Firefighter/Paramedic. On R/A-17, there is one Firefighter/Paramedic and one Firefighter.


In 1947, the Mesa area of the Goleta Marine Corps Air Base, or, as it was commonly known at the time, the “Goleta Sandspit” had been declared surplus property by the War Assets Administration. Both the County and the University of California submitted bids for the desired 413 acres of property. In April of 1948 the County consented that it was in the best interests of the County for the University to acquire the property, signaling the beginning of the University of California at Santa Barbara, “The Gauchos.”

In 1967 a Public Safety building was constructed on the Northwest corner of the campus by the University and in 1968 it was occupied by University Fire Personnel.

Five years later, in 1972, an agreement was entered into by the University Board of Regents and the County where the County Fire Department would provide fire protection to the campus and the surrounding areas.

This includes the enclave of Isla Vista, which is one of the most densely populated 2 square miles in California. While school is in session, students involved in bicycle accidents, medical emergencies, and the occasional burning couch on the weekend keeps the crew of 17’s busy. With UCSB becoming a world-renowned research institute, additional hazards for firefighters are now present, including various chemical, biological, or nuclear materials. Station 17 also has a Water Rescue team that can respond to the Goleta Beach area and popular surfing spots nearby.