County Station 26

1596 Tiffany Park Court
Orcutt, California 93455

Station 26 serves the Orcutt and Santa Maria Valley area. Their jurisdiction in the South is bounded by the Solomon Grade, to the North by Santa Maria Way, to the West by Bradley Road and to the East by Dominion Road.


Fire Station 26 is staffed by one Captain, one Engineer, one Firefighter, and one Firefighter/Paramedic.


Station 26 is unique in that it is a part of a residential cul-de-sac. The crew of 26‘s have quick access to US Highway 101 and they have two large high schools in their response area. With the move of Station 21 to nearby “Old Town” Orcutt, the response area for 26s shifted with it. decreasing response times for the people of the Southern Santa Maria Valley. Station 26 has the best of both worlds, with a local area that has large farmland and vineyards, as well as several thousand single-family homes. In addition to it being one of the department’s dedicated paramedic station, Station 26 also houses a new 4 x 4 Tactical Water-Tender, with a 1,500 gallon tank.

Prior to 1928, fire protection was almost nonexistent in the Orcutt area and the only hydrants in town were protecting the Union Oil Company property. It was only after nearly all of the entire Orcutt business district was destroyed by a fire that the County Board of Commissioners approved and created the Orcutt Fire District. Volunteers from the area then manned it. In 1966 a new fire station was built at 335 Union Street for Orcutt Fire Chief Ed Cox and his group of volunteers.

Then County Fire Chief Victor Mohr saw a need for increased fire protection from the station. Later that year the County entered into a contract with the Orcutt Fire District and Engine 306 and crew were transferred to the station where County firefighters worked in association with the volunteers. In 1975 the contract was terminated and county personnel were returned to what is currently Station 21, leaving the volunteers to man their station. Rapid residential growth continued and this would have left the new Tiffany Park area and surrounding neighborhoods with increasingly inadequate Fire protection. Both the developer and the Fire Department realized that without an increase in fire protection, further development in the area was potentially hazardous. The developer generously agreed to deed a property, build a fire station upon it, and lease the station to the county for 20 years with a option to purchase after 5 years. On April 15th 1981, the brand new Station 26 was occupied.  It provides over 1800 square feet of living space and 2600 square feet for equipment. Eventually in 1987 the County made the leap and the station was purchased outright.