Light & Air

Fire Station 38 in Gaviota is near the border between Battalions 1 and 3 and is the home of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department Air and Light Unit.

With its mobility, the light and air unit supports firefighters and provides the ability to refill tanks for their Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) at the scene and continue to do so for an extended period. It also carries a supply of spare air cylinders.

Along with specialized air compressors, the multifunctional unit also has a diesel generator which supplies electricity to power portable lights and overall nighttime scene illumination making the scene safer. This is done by a roof mounted telescoping light bank. Light and Air units are also used for major fires, rescues, Hazmat events and even bio-terrorist attacks. The unit also has the ability to supply electrical power in
a emergency to a shelter, base camp, or medical facility.