Sikorsky S-64 "Skycrane"

Type 1 Heavy Lift Helicopter


Cruise Speed: 105 mph
Gallon Capacity: 2,650
Manufacturer: Sikorsky Aircraft Corp / Erickson Air-Crane
Crew: Pilot and Co-pilot

Sikorsky S-64

The S-64 “Skycrane” was originally designed for the military and had interchangeable pods that fit underneath for troop transport and cargo movement. The S-64 has six rotor blades and two turbine powered jet engines, which allows it to carry heavy loads. In 1992 Erickson Air Crane purchased the manufacturing rights to the S-64 and modified it to carry a 2,650 gallon tank. The tank can be filled by a draft hose in less than one minute, while the helicopter is hovering. The S-64 requires a pilot and co pilot to fly it and typically has a 6 to 8 person support crew.