Type 1 Engine

Santa Barbara County Fire Department’s front-line Type 1 Engine is the KME Fire Apparatus. SBCFD has two different versions in service. The main difference is that the new series of cabs have a flat roof, while the older versions have a raised “Excel” cab.

SBC’s Type 1 Engine has a Hale single stage QMax 1,500 GPM pump with a 500 gallon water and 25 gallon foam tank. The engines carry over 2000’ of various diameter hoses, over 100’ of ground ladders, wildland firefighting equipment, rope and technical rescue gear, lighting equipment, power tools such as rotary and chain saws, medical emergency equipment including a defibrillator, various hand tools, swift water rescue and Urban Search & Rescue gear.

Each engine is equipped with the “Jaws of Life” tools (Hurst cutter and spreader) and airbags. Additionally, several engines that are near the shoreline carry rescue paddle boards for use by member of the water-rescue team.