The sign-up sheet is open now and closes October 15th. Visits are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Click here to access the sign-up sheet.

Sign-ups for the Safety Trailer for 3rd grade classes only. Please fill out the info the slot asks for. In the “Leave a comment?” section, add the school name.

Before the safety trailer visit, we ask you to separate the class into 3 groups and each group will be rotated (front of trailer, back of trailer, and walk around fire engine). Each group will spend approximately 15 minutes at each section of the safety trailer.  Each session can only accommodate 45 children. The session in total will run for around 45 minutes.

As a cautious reminder, there may be a chance the fire engine will have to respond to a fire. If this were to happen, we will accommodate the class to the best of our ability.

Thank you!


In the “leave a comment” section…please add the school name and phone number we can reach the teacher at.


South School visits should be scheduled  for the last part of the year (October 31- December 21) and the beginning of the new year (January 9- May 2).

North School visits should be scheduled after the first day of the new year.

The schools listed below are within Santa Barbara County Jurisdiction:

  • Isla Vista (Engine 11)
  • Brandon (Engine 11)
  • Ellwood (Engine 11)
  • Kellogg (Engine 12)
  • Mountain View (Engine 12)
  • Foothill (Engine 12)
  • Vieja Valley (Engine 13)
  • Hollister (Engine 13)
  • El Camino (Engine 13)
  • La Patera (Engine 14)
  • Arrellanes (Engine 21)
  • Nightengale (Engine 21)
  • Bonita (Engine 26)
  • Dunlap( Engine 26)
  • Pine Grove (Engine 26)
  • Shaw (Engine 26)
  • Patterson (Engine 26)
  • Benjamin Foxen (Engine 23)
  • Olga Reed (Engine 24)
  • Solvang (Engine 30)
  • Ballard (Engine 30)
  • Oak Valley (Engine 31)
  • Santa Ynez (Engine 32)
  • Los Olivos (Engine 32)
  • Cuyama (Engine 27)
  • Los Berros (Engine 34)
  • Buena Vista (Engine 34)