Emergency Medical Services

EMS Division

The EMS Division of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department is responsible for the oversight and coordination of all Emergency Medical Service related functions of the department. Under the guidance of the Medical Director, the Division strives to ensure that community members requesting medical assistance receive the highest quality pre-hospital emergency care possible from competent and knowledgeable Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Emergency Medical Services in Action

Our Mission

The EMS Division team provides our Fire EMS responders with the support and resources necessary for optimal field performance. These responders utilize specialized medical and rescue equipment and receive ongoing education and quality improvement efforts to ensure that they are prepared to meet the wide variety of care needs of the communities we serve.

Emergency Medical Services

What We Do

Santa Barbara County Fire Department responds to approximately nine thousand 911 calls for medical assistance each year. Our Fire-EMS responders are trained to provide on-scene care, stabilization and transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility utilizing current evidence-based prehospital care standards.

Who We Are

EMS Division Chief | Garrett Huff

EMS Medical Director | Todd Larsen, MD

EMS Administrator | Jennie Simon, RN

EMS Captain | Pat Weisenberg, EMT-P

EMS Nurse CQI Coordinator | Michele Combs, RN

EMS Nurse Educator | Kati Rouleau, RN

On-Call Infection Control | 805-364-1913

EMS Field Training Officers-Designated Preceptors:

Pat Weisenberg, EMT-P
Jason Boivie, EMT-P
Matt Brody, EMT-P
Matthew Farrell, EMT-P
Andrew Farrell, EMT-P
Sam Ferguson, EMT-P
Kyle Heffernan, EMT-P
Connar Raecyna, EMT-P
Brent McGill, EMT-P
Martin Papazian, EMT-P
Clint Reif, EMT-P
Nathan Smith, EMT-P
John Tinsley, EMT-P