Training Section


The Training Section is responsible for conducting both recruit training and continuing training for personnel. Despite the enormous amount of information and hands-on skills learned in the recruit academy, firefighters must continue training throughout their careers to maintain their skills and keep up with constantly changing information.

Public and responder safety is the top priority for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

Recruit and promotional training is provided and reflects the physical and professional competencies required. Advanced levels of training are also delivered in emergency response, emergency management, organizational management and leadership.

Courses focus on demonstrating safety and efficiency in emergency and fire situations and emergency medical response.

Our ongoing mission is to foster a learning culture. We do this by creating employee career planning through the use of career pathways that build leaders at every level within our organization. We also take into account succession planning in preparation for future workplace changes.

~Train as if your life depends on it, because it does.

Burton Mesa Training Center
749 Burton Mesa Boulevard, Lompoc, CA 93436

Burton Mesa Training Center

The Burton Mesa Training Center is comprised of one large classroom and various fire department training props. Our props include a Draeger Phase 1 Burn prop, a Forcible Entry and two Ventilation props; one for residential structures and one for commercial.