Community Wildfire Preparedness Info

Community Wildfire Preparedness Info 

Originally authorized and defined in the 2003 Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HFRA), Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) represent the best opportunity available to address the challenges of the Wildland/Urban Interface in a way that brings comprehensive and locally supported solutions. Local CWPPs may address a variety of issues including wildfire response, hazard mitigation, community preparedness, structure protection, or a combination of issues. Santa Barbara County Fire Department is committed to helping communities within the county to establish CWPPs in order to better serve the communites. The CWPPs within Santa Barbara County are found below.

Carp-summerland Community Wildfire Preparedness


Goleta Wildfire Protection Plan

City of Goleta

Mission Canyon Wildfire Preparedness

Mission Canyon

San Marcos Pass Wildfire Preparedness

San Marcos Pass

Santa Barbara City Wildfire Preparedness

Santa Barbara City

Preparing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Preparing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan

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