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Interest Cards

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Job Description

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Firefighter Job Description


Under supervision, suppresses fires, responds to medical emergencies, and hazardous condition situations and other types of emergency and public service incidents; performs fire safety inspections; performs related duties as required.

Examples of duties:

Responds to fire, medical, and other emergencies; connects and lays hose lines; enters burning areas, including structure, grass and brush fires, with hose lines, foam and other fire retardants; assists in operating nozzles and directing water streams; renders first aid and assists medical personnel; enters hazardous condition areas to protect life and property from such hazards as toxic gases and liquids or downed electrical power lines; responds to public service type incidents involving public safety and protection of property; operates a variety of auxiliary firefighting equipment; assists in salvage and clean-up operations after fires; promotes fire prevention by assisting in discovering and eliminating potential fire hazards and by educating the public in fire prevention measures; performs residential and commercial building inspections; assists in issuance of burn permits; maintains current knowledge of fire fighting, rescue, and emergency medical procedures; participates in pre-fire planning; performs hydrant maintenance inspections; maintains and services fire vehicles and equipment; may operate fire trucks on occasional or substitute basis; cleans and maintains fire station; maintains good physical condition; and performs other related tasks as assigned. Duties may include regular paramedic assignment, requiring more advanced medical knowledge and expertise in treating and transporting medical emergency victims.

Knowledge of:

Principles and practices of fire science technology which includes basic knowledge of fire response organization and fire control; use and care of fire hoses, nozzles and fittings; hose evolutions; fire extinguishers and protective equipment; equipment operations; fire service ladders; and salvage and overhaul procedures.

Ability to:

Learn fire fighting methods, fire vehicle apparatus and equipment operation and maintenance, emergency medical procedures, rescue operations, understand and apply technical information regarding hazardous chemicals and gases, and fire prevention rules and regulations; learn to analyze fire and emergency situations quickly and accurately and take appropriate action; learn local geography, roads and water supply systems; learn departmental rules, regulations, and policies; understand and follow oral and written directions especially during emergencies; learn and follow department policies; establish and maintain effective working relationships with superiors and coworkers; prepare simple reports, maintain good physical condition.

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